Our Team

Chef Dow


Chef Dow is known for his insistence on high standards in the kitchen as well as fine execution of his dishes. After honing his craft at a local Japanese restaurant, Chef Dow headed up Kyoto Joe more than a decade ago and has been at the helm ever since. “Our dishes have a depth to them,” says Chef Dow proudly of Kyoto Joe’s offerings. “Our guests know that these are different to Japanese dishes you get elsewhere.”

Chef Chit


Having been in the industry for two decades, Chef Chit has extensive experience in Japanese cuisine. The culinary master worked in a variety of restaurants in Hong Kong, including specialists in traditional Japanese multi-course meal kaiseki, before joining the Kyoto Joe team three years ago. Striving to take Kyoto Joe to the next level, he works closely with the team in developing unique, exquisite dishes.

Carol Cheung

General Manager

Carol Cheung is the general manager of Kyoto Joe, leading the team in providing an exceptional experience for diners. A strong believer in creating a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for guests, Carol also looks to constantly sustain the high standards that diners have come to expect of the restaurant.

Awards & Review


It's really worth spending an evening at Joe's restaurant! You have to try Salmon and Tuna Tatar!

As well as a great sushi bar, there is an astounding range of tasty cooked dishes.


Ordered the GRILLED MISO COD~ and it was one of the best I've had!

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